Frequently asked questions

The travel agency provides solutions for all your holiday plans. It plans your operations in the fastest way and at the most affordable price, and allows you to return to your country happily. All you have to do is to prepare your luggage and come to the country you will travel to.

No, It doesn’t cost money to get quote with us. You can visit our websites to get a quote and learn about our sample tour prices

We are a member of the Turkish Travel Agencies Association (TURSAB). Our company is a member of this association with license number 14568.

You can be sure that we can respond to your demands in the best way with our experienced and friendly staff.

Our office working hours are between 09.30 am and 18.00 pm from Monday to Saturday. But our our travel agents are available personally 24 / before, during and agter your trip. 

Our company provides personalized Turkey Tour packages, multi-country combination tours and health tourism operations. We organize small group tours and private tour packages. 

Our staff is very well experienced with the detination also travelled around the destinations and they know which hotels to choose, tour, airline itinerary…. for each customer.

Yes, we highly recommend you to have a travel insurance. It’s very important to proctect your your trip incestment.

After planning your trip, you can book it whenever you like. We highly recommend you an early booking to stay better hotels, to get better flight hours, better tour guides and price advantage as well.

As an agency we organize small group tours and you can book group travel with us. 

Yes, we organize private tours as well and you can ask to your tour consultant to get a quote for private tour option.

After you decide to book the tour with us, we request a deposit from you which you you pay it by our the latest technology and reliable link payment system and the remaining amount at the beginning of the holiday either by card or cash payment.

Our included and excluded services mentioned on our websites.